Trust Administration

We provide sound and cost-efficient financial solutions and solid investment opportunities


– Establishment & Registration of Trusts
– Changes of Trustees
– Trust Management & Trustee Services
– Trust Accounting & Tax Services
– Termination of Trusts

Estates and Estate Planning

– Wills
– Living Wills
– Administration of Deceased Estates
– Powers of Attorney
– Curatorships

Private Client

– Accounting and Tax services

Non-profit & Charitable Trusts

– Establishment and Management
– Registration As a Public Benefit Organisation

It is important that trusts and wills are drafted properly and accurately to:


– properly and accurately record the intentions of the Settlor or Testator as the case may be;
– provide the trustees of a trust and executors of a deceased estate with adequate powers to enable them to perform their duties properly for the benefit of the beneficiaries; and
– provide for proper record keeping, accountability, and exercise of best practices by the trustees and/or executors.


Trustees and executors need to know the legislation and regulations they require to comply with in the exercise of their duties. We can assist either as advisers or by also acting as independent trustees or executors.

In the case of inter vivos and/or family and investment trusts we provide full accounting, administration and tax services to ensure financial records are kept up to date and the relevant taxes are paid properly and timeously. Many clients prefer us to manage their private and family related business matters independently of it being done by employees and managers in their businesses to ensure confidentiality and independence.


In the case of deceased estates and will trusts, the personal yet professional nature of the services provided ensure that beneficiary requirements, needs and requests are dealt with properly, efficiently and practically.


All call monies held, managed and administered on behalf of trusts, deceased estates and non-profit entities are held in registered Banks in the name of the entity or CEG Investments (Pty) Ltd which holds a Category II licence issued by the FSB.

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