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Short Term Insurance

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Corporate Client Short Term Insurance Solutions

Managing risks is a critically important aspect of the management of any business or company and also of everyone’s private lives


Whether we are advising the management or audit committee of a business or an individual as a client , we will help you identify the risks facing your business or you personally. Once risks are identified, a risk management plan can be worked on and those risks which are material and which cannot be managed or mitigated by you need to be insured. The insurance solution required may take the form of a simple household or motor insurance policy or comprehensive business or asset insurance or risk sharing insurance of part of the risk or with part of the insurance being underwritten by a client cell- captive.

We are not insurance brokers but, if required by the client, will work with them and their insurance brokers or recommended brokers to evaluate their risks, the cover required and the underwriters with whom the policies should be taken out.


Whatever the short-term insurance cover it is determined and agreed is required , it needs to be handled by a reputable broker and placed with a reputable underwriter. At the time of an event happening giving rise to a claim, clients need to be secure in the knowledge that their claim will be handled quickly, efficiently and without fear that the underwriter either will not pay or is unable to pay.

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