Private Equity

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Equity Investments in Growth Businesses

Many growing businesses need to raise private equity to strengthen their balance sheets and provide funding to take them through the next stage of growth.


Private equity is usually required once the business has emerged or is emerging from the “venture capital” stage, and its products, markets , management and profitability proven . It will typically be trading profitably and have reached the stage where the founder/s, their family and friends can longer fund the expansion or increased working capital needs of the business and where the bankers and other providers of senior debt require additional security which is not available or where capex is required where no marketable security can be provided. Private equity investors will typically invest to acquire a minority shareholding of between say, 20% and 49% via a combination of a subscription for additional equity and the provision of debt funding.

Private equity investors will typically invest with a 3 to 5 year investment horizon and will plan to exit the investment via either a trade sale of the business to another industry participant or corporate investor or via a listing of the business.


We assist clients by identifying suitable potential investors, matching the clients with them, negotiating the structure of the transaction, advising on the business valuation and investment structure, shareholders’ agreement and exit plan.

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