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Financial Planning

Personal financial planning and family financial planning are critical to everyone and to all families. Everyone, no matter how wealthy or poor has financial goals and objectives linked to either improving their or their children’s lives and future or to maintaining and safeguarding their lifestyle and standard of living and preserving this for future generations of the family.


It is vital to remember at all times that financial planning does not just affect you or the person/s in a family who is/are the breadwinner/s but the whole family.


Personal and family financial planning is often misunderstood as  being only retirement  saving and/or death financial planning. Retirement  and death are only two  of the future or potential  life events people   need to take account of and plan financially for for. Situations and events which need to be taken account of  in financial planning include but  are not limited to:


  • School education
  • University education
  • Deposit for a home
  • Routine medical expenses
  • Extraordinary medical costs
  • Physical disability
  • Inability to work due to illness or accident
  • Retirement funding
  • Requirement to maintain parents or grandchildren
  • Insurance/capital required in case of death
  • How surviving family members are to be looked after following your death.
  • Preserving/investing capital once it is paid out.

There is no exact formula or answer as to how much anyone needs to save or invest to achieve their financial objectives. We at Asset Tree help you define and understand your requirements . We will then  table and discuss optimal solutions which suit your situation and which cover  those potential risks you  want covered.


We assist you work out how much to spend each months on savings and insurance related products, balancing what you ideally require with what best suits your budget. We will also provide advice and guidance on selecting appropriate funds, investment products and fund managers to manage your capital.


Whilst it is critical to plan for events and requirements both positive and negative you might or will have during your lifetime , it is also very important to plan for what requirements your family will have  following your death. It is not just sufficient to have an insurance policy which provides cover in the event of your death. You also need a will which spells out, in the event you have minor children how the money received is to be invested until they reach a certain age and it is paid  to them and who will manage and have control of the funds until they reach that age.


Our team are all qualified in the field of financial planning and bring a wealth of experience to assist you, not only in the area of financial planning itself but also having helped, guided , protected and looked after clients and their families through many different life situations, good and bad over may years.


Our philosophy is to help you understand your needs and then to help you understand how they can be catered for and what the cost will be and then  to hold your hand through the decision making process of  who you should invest your future with and how you can best mitigate risks you perceive.

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