Corporate Finance Services

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Corporate Finance Services

We generally specialise in corporate  transactions which have a deal size of between R10 million and R250 million. This is not to say we will not assist or advise on transactions bigger or smaller. If clients require help we will  help or will refer them  to other advisers better suited for a particular transaction or will work with other advisers on the transaction.


Whatever the strategic corporate transaction, be it a business acquisition, a business sale transaction, management buy-out, management buy-in,  or securing a strategic partner, we can assist. Our assistance can range from identifying an acquisition or partner, to  valuing the business or opportunity,  to structuring the transaction for the best strategic, financial and tax benefits, and to raising the necessary finance, to performing the due diligence examination or any  one or more of these activities which form part of a transaction.

We have relationships with all the major banks in South Africa and with most of the government or quasi-government financial  institutions.  These relationships position us well to assist on raising of finance for a business expansion,  additional working capital, a business acquisition or  a restructure.


Our philosophy is to be the client’s financial and commercial right hand when it comes to them finalising a corporate transaction. Often, even for seasoned business managers and owners, a corporate transaction can be daunting and scary because they are not used to them. Our role is to hold the clients hand through every stage of the transaction and to help and advise them on the many decisions they might be required to take.  We walk with you though the evaluation aspect of the process, the checking and due diligence process, the tax planning process, the commercial process , the financial process and the legal process.  We know when to call in assistance, what level of assistance is required and who is best positioned to provide it.


We respect relationships clients have with other professional service providers such as lawyers and auditors and will usually propose to work with such professionals who know and understand the client business and the client. If they are unwilling or unable to work on the transaction or the client does not believe they will be able to add sufficient value to the transaction we will advise on alternatives.

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