About Us

We provide sound and cost-efficient financial solutions and solid investment opportunities

What We Do

CEG is a multi-disciplinary, South African based, financial services group which provides clients with sound and cost effective financial solutions and/or solid investment opportunities for their businesses, their families and themselves.


CEG’s subsidiary, CEG Investments (Pty) Ltd, which holds all clients investments, is registered with the Financial Services Board as an authorised financial services provider and holds a Category II Investment licence. This company is licensed to offer clients investment products including unit trusts, hedge funds, share portfolios and call money products.


Capital is a scarce commodity which is hard to make but easy to lose. For most holders of capital, real growth is achieved over the long term and results from compounded business and investment returns which exceed inflationary forces. Let us help you use and manage your capital efficiently to achieve sound but exciting returns in your business and solid but superior returns from your investments

Our Philosophy

CEG’s philosophy is to ascertain and understand the needs of each client and to then provide an appropriate product or service solution, professionally, on a cost-effective basis to  meet those needs.


For accounting clients, we view ourselves as your “Outsourced Finance Director” if you do not already have an FD, or an additional senior financial resource where a specialised financial service is required.  We assist clients understand and use their  business financial information to make better and more-informed decisions, improving profits and positioning their businesses better to capitalise on future opportunities. Our goal is to enable you to do what you do best, grow and improve your business whilst we support you with the accounting and finance functions.


For  corporate advisory services clients we walk alongside you through the corporate transaction, problem or issue, providing advice and assisting whenever required as an integral part of your team. When appropriate and cost effective, we utilise our internal resources  but when specialised skills are required we will help select and appoint those who will best serve your needs.


For investment clients we are your dedicated, “one-stop”, private financial manager. We support you throughout your personal and family financial planning,  we advise on retirement funding, medical funding, estate planning,  we can manage your family trust, allocate funds to various investments, recommend fund managers, draft your will and administer your deceased estate. We also provide full accounting and tax services which enables you and your family to  focus on your business and other interests, or your retirement and leisure activities, relaxed,  in the knowledge that your affairs are receiving attention and being professionally and properly managed. If you are incapacitated or should you die , you and/or your family are able to be looked after  immediately on a holistic basis as we already have a full understanding of your financial position, where your investments are held and what your instructions and wishes are.      

CEG Head Office – Corporate Finance, Advisory and Insurance

Suite 002, Ground Floor,
81 Richefond Circle,
Ridgeside Office Park,

Umhlanga 4319,
South Africa


Phone: +27 (0) 31 536 8213


Asset Tree (Pty) Ltd – Financial Planning & Investments

5 La Lucia Park,
64 Armstong Avenue,
La Lucia 4051,
South Africa


Phone: +27 (0) 86 027 7388




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